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I had the trip of a lifetime when I went to Bulgaria for a two-week weightlifting training camp with Alex Varbanov.

(Niki Darbyson, NCCP Certified Weightlifitng Coach, Ontario Weightlifter)

It was an incredible two weeks-coach Varbanov helped me perfect my form on the snatch and clean and jerk, but most notable for me, he helped me figure out why I was injuring myself.  I took away so much personally, and it made me a better coach too.
Seven years ago I never could have predicted that I would be a weightlifter, let alone a weightlifting coach who gets to learn from coaches like Alex Varbanov. And the best part–when I wanted to start my own non-profit teen weightlifting club back in 2012 (Lift Huron) they advised me on the unique nature of coaching teens. They are truly some of the most helpful mentors I’ve ever had. They’re awesome, and if you get the chance to go to Bulgaria with them, take it! It really is an incredible experience. Thanks for being game-changers in my life, Alex and Irina!