Olympic Weightlifting gym in Toronto offering weightlifting group & personal coaching, seminars and international weightlifting training camps

Group and personal plans for weightlifting training sessions



Weightlifting Group & Personal Training

Olympic Weightlifting

This membership is suitable for people with no / limited weightlifting experience, who are new to the sport and want to learn the foundation of the Olympic Weightlifting.

A full personal (assessment) training session is a prerequisite for this type of membership.

$199 / month
three 1-hour training sessions/week

Olympic Weightlifting

Previous lifting experience is required, athletes must be familiar with the classic Snatch and Clean & Jerk and be able to front squat minimum their bodyweight. This membership is suitable for those looking to level up their lifting skills and practice in a group setting under experienced weightlifting coach.

NO competition coaching is included. One can upgrade to Competitive Membership, or pay per competition coaching fee ($100).

$300 / month
three 2-hour training sessions/week

Olympic Weightlifting

Sufficient knowledge and experience with the Olympic lifts and the variety of accessory exercises is required. All coached and programmed training sessions, as well as competition coaching and team gear is included.

This membership is suitable for those looking to compete and excel in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

$350 / month
four 2-2.5 hour training sessions/week

Olympic Weightlifting
Competitive PLUS

This membership is for committed / competitive athletes; covers all training sessions, competition coaching, team gear, plus one 30-minute sport massage per month (injury prevention or rehabilitation solution).

*All our training sessions are coached and programmed by our NCCP certified coaches.

$400 / month
five team training sessions/week

Varbanov Weightlifting is directed by head coach Alex Varbanov (Olympic Medalist, World Records Holder, World & European Champion) and his son Nick Varbanov (9-time Canada Junior & Senior Champion). Both our coaches are certified by the Coaching Association of Canada. 

Private Sessions with Alex / Nick Varbanov

Weightlifting Club Toronto - Varbanov School of weightlifting

Full (2-hour) Training Session. Consists of 3 lifts: Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squat. Additional person may join for 25% off (no more than 2 people!)

One-hour (single lift) private training session. The focus will be on improving a single lift, or major technical flaw

Written Training Program. Alex/Nick will design a written program for 8-10 weeks for you to follow at your own time/gym. At least one full training session with is a prerequisite for getting a written program.

One-hour: $155
Full: $299
Training Program: $299

Drop-In Sessions

Weightlifting Club Toronto - Varbanov School of weightlifting

Drop-in sessions MUST be booked in advance.

Note: Contact us via email, text or phone to inquire about different day/time for your drop-in. Such requests will be honored only if spots are available.

These are group sessions, great for people with some weightlifting experience and looking for a little more technique work. Please note, all drop-ins are 2.0h long coached sessions.

Full: $50
10-pack drop-ins: $450

For purchases, training or programming inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form below.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars. We charge HST.